DSG / 02E transmission VW Audi

posted by Marks33527 @ 10:57 AM
May 2, 2013

Customer brought us his 2010 VW CC Luxury with shifting problems.  The code retained in the vehicle was P2711 Implausiable Transmission Shift Sequence.  Having gotten the run around by the local dealer he brought it to us for repair.  We knew right away that the problem was in the front clutch assembly.  This is not an automatic transmission even if it presents itself as one. The transmission is in reality a standard transmission with a clutch assembly in what would be the front pump assembly of an automatic transmission.  The transmission has to be removed from the vehilce and the front clutch assembly replaced.  It will require a special tool that you can get from VW to hold the clutch drum in place.  This job takes about a day and the cost is under twenty five hundred dollars parts and labor.  So if your in the the Seattle area and are tired of the run around with your VW Audi transmission give us a call. 206-624-1859 Kings Transmission Seattle.

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