What you should know about shift solenoids

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January 19, 2011

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  • · A solenoid, which can at times include what is called a starter solenoid or a starter relay, is the part of your car that sends a large electric current to the motor to start the engine and set it in motion. A car can have various amounts of solenoids, but most makes and models have only one. When a solenoid goes out and causes a malfunction, you need to address the problem as soon as possible. There are many factors that can cause this one little part to malfunction.
  • · The most basic factor that can cause a solenoid shift malfunction is a corroded or loosely connected battery cable. The problem can also arise if the positive (or red) battery cable is damaged in some way. The most obvious and best solution to this problem is to simply remove the damaged or corroded cables and replace them with new, working cables.
  • A solenoid shift malfunction can be caused by insufficient battery power and a poor electrical connection. Your vehicle’s solenoid is just like any other part: If the battery does not work or is not connected correctly, it will not run or operate. You can fix this problem by either buying a new battery for your vehicle or charging your current battery; or, as already mentioned, you can replace any damaged wires that you may have found that could be causing the lack of power.
  • If your shift solenoid becomes wet or damp, there is a good chance it can go bad and stop working correctly. Fluid contamination can cause shorts in your solenoids that will eventually stop them from working correctly. Fluid contamination can also cause the plunger inside the solenoid to become stuck and not pump properly. If you believe that this may be the problem behind your solenoid shift malfunction, look for the leak that could be causing the fluid contamination and repair or patch it to prevent further leaking.
  • It is possible to prevent or at least postpone having to deal with a solenoid shift malfunction. To keep the cables and connecting wires from becoming corroded or damaged, have the battery connections cleaned every time you have the oil changed in your vehicle. There are even certain types of solenoid valves available for purchase that will help prevent the solenoid from malfunctioning.

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