Don’t over think it. Ford Focus Standard Transmission

posted by Marks33527 @ 9:48 AM
January 20, 2016

Three times now we have taken in a Ford Focus with the complaint that the customer could not shift the transmission into one or more gears.  Each time they were sure that something had broken inside the gear train of the transmission.  However once we took out the shift tower on the transmission we found a broken roll pin.  Don’t over think it.  Pull the shift tower and check the pin before you pull the transmission and waste time and money.  Seattle Standard Transmission Repair.

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Ford F150 Transfer case makes noise 2 wheel mode

posted by Marks33527 @ 14:53 PM
January 18, 2016

We had a 2004 Ford F150 brought to us with a grinding noise while in 2 wheel drive mode.  Once transfer case is shifted into the four wheel drive mode the noise went away.  Could not make it happen with all four wheels off the ground.

What we found was a broken vacuum hose that ran from the IWE solenoid on the fire wall to the right front wheel.  This is how the hubs are locked in on the front.  Without vacuum the hubs are trying to engage but can’t.  This causes a grinding noise.

Kings Transmission of Seattle

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Mini Cooper Code P1611

posted by Marks33527 @ 10:58 AM
October 30, 2015

This week a customer brought to us his 2005 Mini Cooper S with the check engine light on. Upon inspection we found code P1611.  The transmission was in limp.  P1611 which is defined as Serial communication w/transmission ecu.  First thing we did was unplug the connector at the transmission and found that fluid had leaked through.  We replaced the wire harness with a new one and cleared the code.  Upon start up we  attempted to engage the transmission into gear.  Again the P1611 code came right back.  Further research we found that the 5 amp fuse in the drivers kick panel marked f-13 was bad.  The fuse also controls the reverse lights and transmission communication.  Once we replaced the fuse all was well.  Code gone and transmission shifts great.

Kings Transmission Seattle

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Ford Flex and Ford Edge Transmission problems

posted by Marks33527 @ 10:17 AM
October 6, 2015

Some 2009 and later Edge and Flex Taurus and Explorer transmission may have a sluggish acceleration or hesitation feel during acceleration, or during a rolling stop 0-8 mile per hour followed by a harsh bump feel.  Also may feel  a slip on take off from a stop followed by a harsh bump.

There is a valvebody modification with a new calibration that will change and correct this condition.

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Buick Regals Delay reverse or drive

posted by Marks33527 @ 10:09 AM
October 6, 2015

Buick Regal’ss may have a delay when shifting into drive or reverse.  The transmission will engage when the rpm is increased to around 1500 rpm.  No transmission codes will be found in the vehicle’s computer but you may find fuel pressure codes stored.

This condition may be caused by a low fuel volume or pressure condition that creates erratic and low engine idle.  When the computer detects a engine stall or a near stall condition such  a low fuel level, with the transmission range switch in the drive or reverse range the tcm will command the c1 and c3 clutches off.  The transmission may preceive this type of stall condition as the converter related problem .  In response the tcm requests the engine stall avoidance mode in the transmission software.

Fix the fuel problem and you will have fixed the transmission.

Seattle Transmission Rebuild Service

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Shifter plate won’t light up in Chevy

posted by Marks33527 @ 9:39 AM
October 6, 2015

Malibu, Aura’s tnat exhibit a condition where the PRNDL display does not indicate the gear position that is selected.

This condition in many instances is intermittent and difficult to duplicate when taken to a repair shop.

Shop should inspect for poor or damaged connections between the instrument panel cluster , body coontrol module and the shift lever assembly for damaged or loose terminals.

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Chevrolet Shifter won’t come out of park

posted by Marks33527 @ 9:32 AM
October 6, 2015

2006 and later Impala and Monte Carlos may exhibit issues in the following systems:

Turn signal operation right rear turn lights ore inoperative while the right front turn lights operate correctly.

Trunk electric actuator inoperative.

Brake transmission shift interlock solenoid system does not allow the transmission to be shifted from park.

Labeling of the fuses in this vehicle can lead to diagnosis issues for the above concerns.  the 15 amp fuse labeled RT T/Sig located under hood will cause the problems described above.

Transmission repair Seattle

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Chevrolet & GMC Truck stalls in reverse.

posted by Marks33527 @ 8:55 AM
October 6, 2015

Chevrolet and GMC  2003-2010 2500 and 35oo series vans and trucks that display a engine stall or feels like it bogs in reverse.

First thing most transmission and repair shops want to replace when this shows up at their shops is the torque converter.  Thinking that the lock up clutch is remaining locked up it would be the most common problem.

We have found that the cooler inside the radiator can become plugged, restricting cooler flow.  This makes the transmission loose apply pressure causing the feeling of converter lock up.  A simple fix is to remove the cooling lines from the radiator and run a external transmission cooler.

kings transmission seattle

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Toyota Truck Rear Axle Bearings

posted by Marks33527 @ 14:18 PM
August 4, 2015

For years we have refused to work on Toyota Rear Axle Bearings because there was no safe way to remove them.  Kings Transmission in Seattle now has invested in the tools that allow us to remove and install these bearings.

Call us 206-624-1859 if you need this service.

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VW and Audi Transmission leaks

posted by Marks33527 @ 10:08 AM
June 15, 2015

The late model VW and Audi’s that have the ZF5HP19 transmission may show leaking around the bell housing coming from the weep hole. or around the bell housing of the transmission.  If you find fluid  leaking from this area suspect the double seal on the front axle shaft of the leak.

It may be possible to replace the seal in the vehicle.  Ensure the differential and the right hand axle shaft can be removed.  Mark the installed position of the original seal.  After installing the new seal make sure the area between the seals is open to the weep hole.


Kings Transmission Seattle  206-624-1859

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