Get Your Car Checked at the Bellevue Automatic Transmission Repair Shop

posted by WorkingWithAuto @ 8:18 AM
May 30, 2016

4 road trip 5-6There’s nothing worse than finding out your car can’t be driven on the first day of your road trip. After waiting all that time and preparing everything, that would just be a total letdown. So for me, I think it’s best to get my car checked before that day comes. I think of it as being like a doctor’s appointment. I like having my car checked out from time to time, so I don’t ever have to cancel vacation plans.

Most of the time, I go to the Bellevue repair shop near my house. It’s so convenient, and I can always count on all the people there to get everything working and in order. The last time I went, I got my transmission repaired so my car could run like a dream. It’s a really great Bellevue automatic transmission repair place that I can depend on for great service whenever I need it.

So unlike some people out there that have to deal with letdowns, I never have to. I’m always prepared fully for my road trips, because my car is always in tip top shape. That’s the beauty of having a Bellevue automatic transmission repair place so close to my house.

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I Can Count on My West Seattle Automatic Transmission Repair Shop

posted by WorkingWithAuto @ 8:17 AM
May 22, 2016

3 a fixed car 5-6When your car is having unexplainable issues and you’re not sure what to do, don’t ever rely on the internet to try and fix it yourself. I admittedly did it once, and it put me in a world of trouble. I ended up being more lost than I was in the first place. So while the internet may make fixing a car look easy, don’t always believe what you see. Fixing cars is really complicated stuff!

So that’s why, from now on, I always leave it to the professionals. The West Seattle automatic transmission repair place I found really gets the job done. Whether my transmission is just a little shaky or I’m completely dead in the water, they can always help me out. In the end, I always go home with a working and reliable car.

So while there may be other car repair shops out there in the area, I think I’ll stick to the one I’m used to. They’ve really proven their worth, and they actually know and recall my face. I feel like they really care about me and my car, and they really know their stuff about cars and how to fix the automatic transmission.

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2 my car 5-6Running into issues with your car is never fun. But the more painless it is, the better. So whenever I notice something different about my car, no matter how small, I always take it in to get checked out. That way, I never find myself in a super sticky situation. I don’t ever want to be stranded in my car or not be able to get to work because my car is out of service.

So every once in a while, I find myself at my local repair shop. I get all of my Seattle transmission diagnostics done there, so my transmission is never out of whack. Being aware of how my car is doing really takes a huge load off my back. I get nervous when I don’t know if my car is going to make it from point A to point B, so having it checked on often is a good plan and keeps me calm.

I can always count on the people at my local repair shop, too. They really know what they’re doing. While I’m not huge into cars and don’t know much about their inner workings, those people can really scope out the problem and fix it when I visit.

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The Seattle Automatic Transmission Repair Place Is Close to Where I Live

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May 6, 2016

1 seattle 5-6Living in Seattle has been a joy. Everything can be found here, from great restaurants to great shopping. It’s very different from the place I used to live at, which was miles away from the nearest shopping mall. It was just a small little town where everybody knew each other. Little did I know I’d thrive better in the big city.

Even if I have an issue with my car, there’s actually a Seattle automatic transmission repair place that has my back. It’s really close by, and it’s easy to get to. So if I need to get my car over there, I can get it there no sweat. It’s very much unlike the small town I used to live in. When I was there, the nearest repair shop was past the next two towns.

All in all, I’m really glad I chose to live in Seattle of all places. It’s really convenient and kind to its inhabitants. While I think a really big city like New York City would overwhelm me too much, Seattle is a good mix of bustling business and laid back crowds. I think it’s the best city for people coming in from smaller country towns.

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A Seattle Transmission Rebuild Gave Me Driving Confidence Again

posted by WorkingWithAuto @ 15:34 PM
May 5, 2016

transmission I got my driving confidence back thanks to my decision to do a complete transmission rebuild. I had been experiencing transmission problems for a while and I finally got the help I needed from the right shop. My car had been shifting unevenly and doing weird things for a while and I never bothered to get help for it.

I slowly lost my driving confidence because of all of the problems that I had been having with my car. When I found out that I needed transmission repair and got it done, I realized that all of my problems were solved. The Seattle transmission rebuild that was done on my car gave me my driving confidence back.

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The Right Seattle Differential Diagnosis Was The Repair I Needed

posted by WorkingWithAuto @ 15:32 PM
April 28, 2016

car I had been to several different shops, trying to figure out what the problem was with my car’s differentials. It was very frustrating because different shops said different things. I finally got the peace of mind and the comfort that I needed knowing that a transmission shop got me the correct Seattle differential diagnosis.

I found a shop that knew what they were talking about when it comes to differentials and I trusted them to do the right job. I knew that I could trust them because they have been working on differentials for years. My Seattle differential diagnosis from this shop fixed the problem and I am very glad that I chose them for my repair work.

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Seattle Transmission Repair Got Me Back On The Road Quickly

posted by WorkingWithAuto @ 15:31 PM
April 17, 2016

transmission repair I was involved in a car accident a few months ago and I needed some extensive repair work done on my transmission. Luckily, I found the perfect shop that has the knowledge and expertise in transmission services so I trusted them to fix my car’s transmission system. They were able to get the job done well and done quickly.

The transmission repair that was done has made my car run like new ever since. I even got a free estimate and towing to their shop. This is very rare, I have always had to tow my own car to the repair shops that I have dealt with in the past. I got a comprehensive repair of my transmission quickly thanks to Seattle transmission repair.

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Seattle Transmission Maintenance Keeps My Car Running Smoothly

posted by WorkingWithAuto @ 15:26 PM
April 7, 2016

transmission I love getting Seattle transmission maintenance because the shop assures that my car keeps running smoothly. I have an older car and the transmission has always been working very well, thanks to the maintenance work that I do on it. Cars need regular maintenance in order to stay protected from unexpected break-downs.

Break-downs still happen even if you take good care of your care, unfortunately, but these break-downs can happen less frequently if you give your car good maintenance. Maintaining the transmission system is one of the most important things to maintain and I rely on Seattle transmission maintenance to get the job done well.

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Dual Mass Flywheel

posted by Marks33527 @ 11:34 AM
March 10, 2016

What is a dual mass flywheel:

One of the major issues all the manufacturers have is the dual mass flywheel (DMF) which seems to need to be replaced every time that you need a clutch and that puts the price of clutch replacement up to around £1000 which on a car that has probably done in excess of 100,000 miles will probably make it uneconomical to repair. So the first thing to understand is what a dual mass flywheel is designed to do. The dual mass flywheel is an aid to making the gear change on your car lighter and more positive while also making the engine and gearbox smoother and quieter. So how does it work, in order to make an engine smoother you need to increase the mass of the flywheel but as you do this the mass of the gear train effectively becomes less as a proportion of the total mass that is in motion and you will get noise, rattles and vibration from the gear train, in order to get around this you would traditionally have increased the mass of the gear train which in turn would mean that the syncro’s (the brake that matches the speed of the gears that are about to be engaged) also had to become stronger and there fore the gear change becomes heavier and more agricultural. To get round this you have to increase the mass of the gear train without increasing the mass of the gears, this is done by splitting the flywheel into two separate masses (hence the name “dual mass flywheel”), one mass that is attached directly to the engine and one mass that is attached directly to the input shaft of the gearbox, these two halves are then separated from each other by a damper which stops the natural vibration of a large high capacity, high compression engine being transferred to the gearbox.

kings transmission seattle

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Ford Explorer, Ford Ranger Delay Late 3rd 4th Gear shifts

posted by Marks33527 @ 10:13 AM
February 17, 2016

Customer brought us his 1998 Ford Explorer with the complaint that it took forever for the transmission to shift into 3rd gear.  Upon inspection and test drive we found that third gear was missing.  If you kept climbing in speed it would shift into 4th Gear and because it was a five speed automatic it would then shift into 5th gear.

We found that the servo was broken and not applying the bad correctly.  After replacing the servo we again test drove and confirmed our fix.  No it does not require a rebuild.

Kings Transmission of Seattle

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